Mantua: Historic city

Mantua is an overlooked Renaissance gem; a mini-Florence, rich with art. Where Florence had the Medicis, Mantua had the Gonzagas. Unlike Florence it isn’t bursting at the seams with tourists and so immensely pleasurable to stroll around the medieval streets, such as Piazza Erbe…
Piazza Erbe, Mantua

I came across this wonderful painted house façade, ascribed to Andrea Mantegna’s workshop. The decoration begun in 1495, has only partially survived and was restored between 1992 and 2001.

Mantua facade 01

Basilica di Sant’Andrea –  Lodovico ll Gonzaga hired the Florentine architect Alberti to design this beautiful example of early Renaissance architecture which contains the tomb of Mantegna. Once again, not many tourists inside and I managed to take a couple of photos.

At Andrew's Basilica, Mantua



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