Georgia O’Keeffe at Tate Modern

The artist Georgia O’Keeffe has never been as highly rated in Britain as in her native America and apparently there are none of her works in British Public Collections. So, I was very interested when I first heard that Tate Modern was to put on a major retrospective of her work.

I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the exhibition today. As so often with painting, I first saw her work as printed images, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover the subtly and depth of colour in much of her work. Another surprise was the hard edged abstract work such as the series based on the motif of the patio door of her adobe style home in New Mexico.

You may not come away convinced that her art lives up to her legend, but this is an excellent exhibition and there are some ravishing works here.

New York - Night 1926

Cliffs Beyond Abiquiú, Dry Waterfall 1946

Wall with Green Door 1953

White Patio with Red Door 1960

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